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ö俿  Electric Bus


ҹ¹俿 ͧ  Ժա͹ ا෾öҧ(俿)  ö俿   Ford Motor ( Lee Iacocca 繫 ) Եö¹俿  ѧ繷 ͧҡѧբͨӡѴ»С  ѹиҹ Ford ͵ EV Global ͡ԨѲҹ¹俿  ʹѺʹع öѡҹ俿 ҧԧѧ

       ö⡤俿 Electric Go-kart


Ѩغѹ Ҩա ҹ¹俿 ٻẺ ö¹俿 ö俿 ö¹κԴ ö俿 ö ⡤ 俿  䫤俿 ʡٵ俿 öѡҹ俿 ѡҹ俿




 ѡҹ俿 ebike or electric bicycle   

öѡҹ俿 ҹ¹ش Ѻ ԹҧŹѡ Թ10-20 .       º  ˹ѡ ٧ ʹ  Ҥᾧ (5500 ҷ)  ١ѧѺ ¹ǡѹͤ    Ѵ (20 俿 1 ҷ)  ͡繨ѡҹ

         ö俿 3 

                                                  3 wheel Electric Golf car

ö俿 繷㹡ҹ͡ʹ쿴 ҹѴ ʶҹͧǹʹء(շ ö俿к俿) ٹä  ѹöö俿Ҥҵ繾 45000ҷҹ


ö俿 4      4wheel Golf car


Over the past few decades, we all have been facing challenges of different types and different severity at different places. Examples are the depletion of natural resources and the degradation of the environment that causes bad living ecology. Improper utilization of petroleum fuel and coal has caused tremendous air pollution  and global warming and thus erratic climate.

The website owner has been following research reports related to those problems, recommended solutions and proposed measures.

One simple approach is to use more clean energy and renewable energy, while lessen the use of fossil fuel. Research and development has been undertaken worldwide in generating electricity from wind, solar energy and bio-fuel. Direct use of renewable energy is not over looked either. Electric motors are used widely to drive vehicles, either alone or in combination with internal combustion engines, ie HYBRID vehicles.

Electric vehicles are not new. They dated back decades ago. Bangkok had trams, electrically driven. Australian cities had overhead cable electric buses. Ford Motor, when Lee Iacocca was CEO, attempted to commercially produce electric cars but were not successful due to limitations. Lee  Iacocca, later, founded a very well known R&D company, EV Global. Having seen electric vehicles around him, he was  struck that light electric vehicles, with lower speeds and less range, would be a practical solution for short trips to work, or to run errands, as well as for fun and fitness. Leg power supplemented by electric power - yes, ebike  the ultimate hybrid. Now more and more electric vehicle are commonly seen .Examples are electric car, hybrid vehicle, electric bus, electric golf car, electric go-kart, electric motorcycle, electric scooter, and electric bike or electric bicycle or ebike.

Ebike is regarded the most appropriate for short distance, say up to 20 km. as it releases no exhaust, is quiet, light, safe, not too fast and economic both to own and to operate. For 5500 baht one can own the conversion kit  ( or modification kit ). Electricity cost of 1 baht can run  20 kilometers. It can be used as a normal push bike by turning off the power switch.