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繡ǡ·˹ѡ֧ѭǴ  ɰԨ  Ѿҡøҵ  ੾ҧ觷ԴҡѹԧẺҹҹ   ѺԶժԵѨغѹ աѧ/͡͡ѧ¹Թ  繻Ѩ˹觷ԴѭآҾ

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  ·ҹѺҨѡҹҨҡҧѡջѭ㹡 ͪǹҾ  ͧѧ  ʵͤҡͧҡҼԵӹǹҡ  ػóѺԵѳ蹴  ͧѴ˭俿  ͹ҤѴ͡ѾͶ  ֧ö ѺСѹ֧ 6 ͹  ǡ·ҹҫǹ Сͺͧ ҡᾧҷͨҡТҴҳյ
͡ҡѡҹ俿 ѲмԵ ö俿 ⡤俿 ö繵Ѵ˭俿 ẵ(ͧѧšѺѹ¨ҡ俿ҡ 220V ͧҡ俵仢зӧҹ) СѺҹ Ҥ٧  ö俿 ѺСѹ Ҥ 40000 ҷ(1) 㹢зԹҹѹ 180000ҷ(2)
Ѻҹͧǹ㹡ѧҹع¹ ἧԴ ö俿 ͧҹ ҤصԸ


We  are a group of Thai engineers who are fully aware of problems related to the ecology ,environment , economy , and natural resources; especially those arose from inefficient use of fuel. With the present day life style that uses  more machines and less human physical energy, our health deteriorates .Electric bicycles or ebike is a solution to those problems as they help reducing air pollution, reducing CO2 which causes global warming,  save energy, and they  provide a means to physical excercise (by turning off the electric power and become  normal push bikes.)
The ebike we designed has been found extremely appropriate in terms of none cost, easy and inexpensive maintenance, safety, and convenience.For those who already have a normal bicycle can easily convert it to electric by our modification or conversion kit.The full set cost only 5000 baht.A number of electric bike riders have bad experience with imported ones as spare parts are not available or difficult to find. For our ebike, we have a large stock of spare parts as we have sold a large number and use them in producing other aplliances.
Some mechanical engineers built their own ebike and end up with higher cost than buying from us. All electrical components are supplied with 6 months warranty.
We have also designed and produced electric golf cars, electric go-karts, battery-driven or cordless lawn mowers (grass cutters) to suit some particular  functions at affordable price: for example, our 1 seater golf car starts at 40000 bt ( in comparison with 180000 bt for a second hand 2-seater golf car offered by others)
For those who prefer to participate in utilizing renewable energy, we do provide and instal solar cells of  size to suit each golf car as an option.

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