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ѡҹ俿 蹾2 Electric Bike Special 2

ѡҹ Turbo Empress
⪤ Ŵá͹ Ѻ
Ҵ 24 Ǵ൹ ʹ
Դк俿 250 ѵ 24ŷ ˹-ѧ ẵ
20/  15-25/駡ûШ
俿 1 ҷ/駡ûШ

Ҥ10,300 ҷ

Turbo Empress

 with 24-inch aluminium wheel and stainless spokes,

 rear shock absorber, front light,tail light, horn, and battery meter.

250W24V dc motor,20km/hr,20km /charge. Electricity cost 1 bt/charge

Price 10,300